Keepers of the Dream: Seattle Women Black Panthers

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Gameshow Dynamos

(2014) 60 minutes.

A couple gets their family out of debt by winning on TV game shows, again and again. Recipient of the Humanities Washington Documentary Film Fund and The Pacific Pioneer Fund.

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Council of Women

(2015) 24 minutes.

Winning Pictures crew traveled to The Republic of Georgia to document a group of women who are from the Muslim Minority in the mostly Orthodox Christian country. The Pankisi Valley Region has gained notoriety because there have been young men from the village who went off to Syria to fight. “The Council Of Women” provides viewers with another side of the Pankisi Valley and the strength of women to determine their destiny. Spectacular original music by Izumi Fairbanks and stellar performances by members of onefourfive.

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Small Business For the Abatwa of Rwanda

(2015) 10 minutes.

A short public service video made in association with Pygmy Survival Alliance. A woman from a Batwa Pygmy village in Rwanda goes from begging to starting her own business. She inspires a similar Village via an introduction from Partner’s in Health to do the same.

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The Corporal’s Diary

(2008) 54 minutes.

The true story of two soldiers in Iraq; one who never returned and one who returned forever changed. Featured on Good Morning America, 2008. Winner of “Most Powerful Documentary” STIFF 2008, Best Film, Truth or Consequences Film Festival 2009. Theatrical Distribution then distributed nationally by Typecast Films and and internationally by Tricon Films. Screened on over 25 PBS stations, and widely seen internationally with special recognition in the award winning documentary Witness TV series. Featured in the 2016 book, “Just As He is Right Now”

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Abatwa: Challenges for a New Rwanda

(2008) 22 minutes.

Used by the director of the Abatwa Pygmies to show his challenges at the UN Conference on Indigenous People in 2009. Broadcast in Rwanda as a TV screening in 2009.

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IndyMedia Film Interviews


A series of interviews of powerful film makers, reviewing films about social change. Patricia Boiko traveled to Sundance and Slamdance film festivals for IndyMedia to interview film-makers.

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Do No Harm

Patricia Boiko’s independent media work tackling the issue of giving medical care to soldiers – does it do more harm than good? This film asks two medical providers who served in Afghanistan with differing views to explain why they believe what they do.

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Reconciling Rwanda

(2007) 22 minutes.

Filmed in Rwanda. Broadcast on “IndyMedia Presents” Distributed by IndyMedia

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The Corporal’s Boots

(2005) 8 minutes.

“Best Film” Seattle Faith and Film Festival 2007.
“Most Heroic Film” Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2006.
Distributed by IndieFlix

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Bombs Away, Millions a Day

(2003, updated 2005) 8 minutes.

Now featured on the Washington Nuclear Museum and Education Center.
Winner of the Malcolm Peterson Award from the Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility.
IFP official selection for the Seattle Channel 2004, Media that Matters 2004-05.
2005 Amnestly International College Tour, Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival 2004, Seattle Environmental Film festival 2005 and Local Sightings Film Festival 2005.

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